Sunday, December 20, 2009

Remembering an Angle

Six months ago I arrived at SFCV, the orphanage that I would spend the next week at. Although it was dark when we arrived, I was able to see some of the grounds. There was a row of houses lined up perfectly. These were the houses that housed the children. I could see the lights on in the first house, the house known as Samaritans House. This is the house where the sickest children at the orphanage were housed and cared for. Coincidentally the children in this house were among the first that we met the following morning. They were outside with their nannies, some on little toy cars. It is where most of us held our first of many children that we held on that trip. There was Adrian, Tristan, Emily, Margaret, and Tiffany to name a few. Tiffany was one who sat on a toy car. At four years old she was very inquisitive, and very smart. Many of the girls on the team would say things to her in English or Spanish and she would repeat it back perfectly. Looking at Tiffany, you knew she had a very serious condition. Her lips and fingers were very blue. As we found out later children that appeared to be blue usually had a heart condition. I never found out what her heart condition was nor did I think that it was as bad as it really was. One of my teammates informed me that Tiffany went to be with J*sus last week. That was a tough blow and my heart broke. Tiffany was five years old and she never got to have her own home with a mom and a dad. While it is very sad for me to think about, I know that she is now in a much better place. Tiffany is now in the arms of J*sus. No more heart condition, no more pain or hurt. She can run and play freely, something she was not able to do here on this earth.
Yesterday in the mail I received a beautiful gift from fellow teammates John and Allison. It was a Ch*na flag glass ornament. I so so overjoyed to get such a precious treasure. A message was included with the gift and this is what part of it said. "We hope that each time you see it, you will remember to pr*y for those sweet faces that we were able to love on and the countless others that G*d holds in the palm of His hand. May they all one day come to know the love only He can give." I say AMEN to that! While I want to save every child that does not have a parent, I know that I cannot. What I can do is pr*y that they will each come to know of our Fathers great love.
A part of my heart is still in Ch*na and I know it always will be. I wonder when God will bring me back and what that trip will entail. Until I hear what G*d wants me to do next, I will be waiting prayerfully for Him to tell me. Is anyone on board with me?! Think about it!
In Him,


  1. WOW, ok, I'm sitting here in tears! So emotional about Tiffany. A little one with no one to call heart breaks!

    SO thankful she is dancing at the feet of Jesus now, though. The ultimate one to call Abba, Daddy, Father, Baba.

    I need to look back and read about your trip to China! We want to go back too! I am ready to adopt again, but hubby thinks next time will just be a heritage trip. We'll see what God has planned!

  2. Hard to fathom not ever having a mom. I think what you and your husband have done is truly amazing. I wish I was old enough to adopt, but we have to wait a few more years before we can even start the process. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE twin girls from China. I never responded to your last post. No word on if Jacob Jai has found his forever family yet. I think you should convince your husband that your sweet little girls need a brother ;)