Tuesday, January 5, 2010


NO ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK. I am not pregnant nor are we currently trying. But I have made the move to FINALLY sponsor a sweet baby boy from the orphanage that I visited this summer. It is something I have wanted to do since I returned from China but never made the move to actually do it. Since returning I have made many visits to the web site but I could never decide on which child I actually wanted to sponsor. Well last week I could not sleep, so once again I visited the Philip Hayden web page. Upon clicking on the link to children who need sponsors, something caught my eye. It was a little boy named Jason who arrived at SFCV on June 24, 2009, WAIT I was there on June 24, 2009!!!! This was the boy I watched being whisked into the orphanage by two women. He was only 6 weeks at the time he arrived and I got the awesome chance to hold and love on him. What is even cooler is that he is named after one of my teammates husbands. My teammate Ana had a request to the doctors that were giving the young boy his first exam. She asked if they would name the sweet little boy after her husband Jason. I never heard anything more about it but I was blown away to see that they had granted her wish and gave him the English name Jason. Another reason why I felt connected to this boy was because his special need is clubbed feet, just like my sweet Jacob-Jai. Also notice how Jacob-Jai and Jason both start with the letter J.God is so good, its so cool to see how he works some things out. So I am excited to say that I have a sweet 5 month old baby boy in China that I am now sponsoring. Here are some more pictures of him.

Me holding Jason this summer

If you want to sponsor a child like Jason just take a trip over to www.chinaorphans.org
It doesn't cost a whole lot and you can make a huge difference in a child's life.
Please pray for Jason. May his health continue to improve and may his forever family come to get him real soon.

In Him,