Tuesday, January 5, 2010


NO ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK. I am not pregnant nor are we currently trying. But I have made the move to FINALLY sponsor a sweet baby boy from the orphanage that I visited this summer. It is something I have wanted to do since I returned from China but never made the move to actually do it. Since returning I have made many visits to the web site but I could never decide on which child I actually wanted to sponsor. Well last week I could not sleep, so once again I visited the Philip Hayden web page. Upon clicking on the link to children who need sponsors, something caught my eye. It was a little boy named Jason who arrived at SFCV on June 24, 2009, WAIT I was there on June 24, 2009!!!! This was the boy I watched being whisked into the orphanage by two women. He was only 6 weeks at the time he arrived and I got the awesome chance to hold and love on him. What is even cooler is that he is named after one of my teammates husbands. My teammate Ana had a request to the doctors that were giving the young boy his first exam. She asked if they would name the sweet little boy after her husband Jason. I never heard anything more about it but I was blown away to see that they had granted her wish and gave him the English name Jason. Another reason why I felt connected to this boy was because his special need is clubbed feet, just like my sweet Jacob-Jai. Also notice how Jacob-Jai and Jason both start with the letter J.God is so good, its so cool to see how he works some things out. So I am excited to say that I have a sweet 5 month old baby boy in China that I am now sponsoring. Here are some more pictures of him.

Me holding Jason this summer

If you want to sponsor a child like Jason just take a trip over to www.chinaorphans.org
It doesn't cost a whole lot and you can make a huge difference in a child's life.
Please pray for Jason. May his health continue to improve and may his forever family come to get him real soon.

In Him,


  1. I remember Jason from our trip too! He was a cutie! So excited that you are now sponsoring a precious little one...it is an amazing journey and I always feel like I am blessed so much more than the child! :)

  2. HI Vanessa I am excited to find your blog. I saw that you were following mine so I clicked on yours and it is great to find someone else who has a connection to PHF. It is great that you are sponsoring Jason! And I love your story of meeting him. What house is Jason in?

    Did you get to meet Tristan when you were visiting in July? He is my little sponsor boy.


  3. Congrats Banessa!!! He's ADORABLE!!!! Praying for him!
    Love, Bug

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    Have a blessed day, I will be back to visit again soon..

  5. You have a lovely blog! :)

    Hopefully you will begin blogging again.