Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Kids Say Wednesday

People are always asking me what funny things my kids say. I thought it would be neat to try and give you one each Wednesday and call it What Kids Say Wednesday. However, with the way life goes over here, it may not be every Wednesday!
This story is about a child in the room next door to me. He is a sweet little boy who talks in his own little sweet way. Yesterday his class was doing prayer requests and one of the other boys in the class said "pray for my dad, he got bit by a bee. He is allergic." This other boy then responds, "well my dad got bit by a Cheeto!" "A Cheeto?" said his teacher. "Yes, a cheeto!" Come to find out that what he meant was his dad got bit by a mosquito!!! hahaha! It had me laughing the entire day!
Hope that brought a smile to your dad like it did to mine!

1 comment:

  1. that's too cute! last week at work 2 and half year old was walking to the restroom and told us staff, "I have to go empty my bladder." It was SO cute!