Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A House Update...She's Pending!!!

Yes its true, Chad and I are just a mere week away from being home owners!!! But maybe we should back up a bit as it has been quite a few weeks since I updated everyone on the house situation and A LOT has changed. The last time I wrote about the house I told you that we had been picked out of a bunch of offers to have the opportunity to try and buy this beautiful short sale home. I didn't think about it at the time, but the time we would have waited for the outcome of that house could have been months. But the house was all done, small, but all done. A few days after we said yes to that house, out real estate agent called us and said another house we had looked at just had a higher offer fall apart and the sellers agent said if we wanted it, the house was ours. Now I got this call, literally 5 minutes before I was to leave for work. I panicked! I was like I can't make this decision in 5 minutes. This house was big and unlike the other one, needed a lot of cosmetic work. All doable, but I had gotten used to the idea of moving into a home that was completely finished. But this house was quite a bit bigger and gave us both a family room, and living room, something that none of the other houses had to offer. The other drawback was that we would back up to the freeway but we would be at the end of a cul-de-sac (I know I spelled that wrong) and because of both of those factors we would have a 7,000 square foot lot. What this means, we would have one huge back yard! My boss was kind enough to give me an extra 45 minutes to talk and pray it over with Chad. Chad was like lets go for it, I took a little convincing but I soon hopped on board. And with that we started to go into escrow. All seemed to be going well. We had to buy some things here and there to get through some of the inspections. Got through the inspections and an appraisal with flying colors. Everything with the loan was going great and we were expected to have final papers by last Friday. But instead of papers we got news that an out of town appraiser had come in and totally screwed up the appraisal. Now I don't completely understand the situation but we had to put in a rebuttal to the back, and this and that... well let's just say God worked it out so there is no reason to go into all the mumbo jumbo. Plus like I said, I never fully understood the situation to begin with. So here we are, about a week away from closing on our first home! I am so excited. The house is structurally sound which is great, it is all cosmetic stuff that will need to be done over the years notice the lack of grass in the picture above). I love it though, the house is a blank slate ready for us to come in and do what we want to it. It is 1500 square feet and so it has enough room for us to grow into. We will have a garage and our own backyard! (Remind me of all this excitement when I am paying my first mortgage payment in a month please). So the process is almost over and boy am I relieved! I can't wait to be moved into our new home. Our very first home :) Oh how good God is!
Please keep praying for us that all will continue to go well. And of course thank you for your prayers thus far. We can't wait to have you all over to our new casa:)

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  1. Vanessa & Chad I am so happy for the 2 of you! What a blessing to be able to buy a home when the economy is the way it is! Congrats! Where part of town is your new house?